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Ice Skate Blade Soakers / Covers - Fruit & Veg

Ice Skate Blade Soakers / Covers - Fruit & Veg
Orange Ice Skate Blade SoakersPineapple Ice Skate Blade SoakersWatermelon Ice Skate Blade SoakersBanana Ice Skate Blade Soakers
Pink Grapefruit Blade SoakersNew Ice Skate Blade Soakers, AvocadoIce Skate Blade Soakers, Strawberry

Ice skate blade super soakers in fun designs with extra puffy padded interiors and a very thick, absorbent terry cloth lining.
Available in a new choice of designs watermelon, orange, strawberry, banana, pink grapefruit, pineapple and new for 2020 the avocado.

Price: 14.99

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